Author: Peter Canniff

  • Why Do You Need a Financial Plan?

    What is the value of a financial plan vs just doing the best you can? Information and misinformation. There is so much of it out there that it is hard not to be tricked on a daily basis. Think about all of the discussions you have had at work that have pointed you in the wrong direction regarding 401(k)s, taxes, investments, college or retirement. That’s why a good financial plan is so valuable.  Continue reading

  • Personal Finance Misconceptions

    The Market is going to crash, sell now. Don’t save for college, you won’t receive financial aid. Personal Finance Misconceptions: Face it, we’ve all heard many different misconceptions when it comes to personal finance.  In order for people to gain a better understanding of their personal finance picture, it is important to identify which ones might lead them in the wrong financial direction. Continue reading