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  • Why Do You Need a Financial Plan?

    What is the value of a financial plan vs just doing the best you can? Information and misinformation. There is so much of it out there that it is hard not to be tricked on a daily basis. Think about all of the discussions you have had at work that have pointed you in the wrong direction regarding 401(k)s, taxes, investments, college or retirement. That’s why a good financial plan is so valuable.  Continue reading

  • Manage Debt Effectively

    Obviously, the best thing is to not accumulate debt.  But let’s face it, we all have (or have had) some form of debt at some point in our lives.  And, whether we like it or not, debt plays a major role in everyday life.  The important goal everyone needs to learn, is how to manage debt.  Knowing how much you have accumulated and the concept of good debt are critical first steps to effective debt management. Continue reading

  • Personal Finance Misconceptions

    The Market is going to crash, sell now. Don’t save for college, you won’t receive financial aid. Personal Finance Misconceptions: Face it, we’ve all heard many different misconceptions when it comes to personal finance.  In order for people to gain a better understanding of their personal finance picture, it is important to identify which ones might lead them in the wrong financial direction. Continue reading